"The very best engineers and technical designers in the Silicon Valley industry are, nearly without exception, practicing musicians." 

Grant Venerable, "The Paradox of the Silicon Savior," as reported in "The Case for Sequential Music Education in the Core Curriculum of the Public Schools," The Center for the Arts in the Basic Curriculum, New York, 1989


MFMII Student 2

Supporting Music for Minors II

There are many creative ways to support the work Music for Minors II does in the community. Through your generosity we remain a primary service organization that keeps music alive in children’s classrooms and continues to make the musical difference in their lives. For more information, call 510-793-1189 or click here to email MFMII

Become a HOSTS Sponsor: Sponsor a MFMII classroom of 30 children, for one year which is $250, so that they can receive weekly music enrichment. With current budgetary cutbacks, this support is greatly needed in all of our schools. School sponsorship is of course always welcome too.

Underwrite a Concert: MFMII sponsors community concerts annually with guest children’s recording artists such as Red Grammer and Charlotte Diamond. Donations to offset artist and facility fees are needed so that this main annual community fundraiser will succeed. All proceeds benefit the program directly.

Defer our Training Costs: MFMII's cost to train a docent is approximately $100 and the volunteer receives all materials freely from Music for Minors II. In addition they have free access to our four resource centers filled with music materials and visual aides, as well as online resources. Donations to help supply and maintain these centers are also requested.

Fund a Scholarship: MFMII seek funds to support our volunteers taking in-service workshops with other musical organizations such as the National Orff and Kodaly Associations.

Planned Giving: Planned giving creates an opportunity to benefit both Music for Minors II and our donors. We are currently developing a gift plan program, and invite you to call us at 510-733-1189 or email MFMII for more information.

Music For Minors II is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation (taxpayer identification number 94-3102307). MFMII has not provided goods or services in return for your contribution, and all contributions are 100% tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.