"[MFMII] has taught my kids a lot about music and they love it! I think this MFMII program is something my students look forward to and it helps to make them want to come to school!"

- First Grade, Gomes Elementary School, Fremont


MFMII Student 2

Become a HOSTS Sponsor: You can help MFMII change children’s lives through music!¬† There are many children who still need music in their school and MFMII can help fill that musical void with your support and our recruitment and training of community volunteers.¬†Through the HOSTS program a gift of $250, will sponsor a MFMII classroom of 25 children for one year, for this they will each receive weekly music enrichment. With current budgetary cutbacks, this support is greatly needed in all of our schools. Help spread the word, and the word is HOSTS! Sponsorship for more than one classroom is always most welcome.